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    How to Help Teachers Learn New Technology

    Whereas technological innovation (and especially AI innovation) is advancing at warp speed, educational institutions continue to change slowly. To assess our skills, CS professors had us write code by hand, on paper. Even today, the widely used AP Computer Science exam requires students to write code by hand—an experience that couldn’t be further from real-world software development. New technologies emerge regularly and sometimes can be intimidating. This leads to the requirement of different teaching processes. However, watching, reading and listening, or feeling, can be great ways to learn new subjects and skills.

    how to learn new technology

    To learn any language you need to be willing to work hard and not be afraid to make mistakes. Even if you consciously think you don’t understand any of it, internally, your brain will be creating a mind map of everything you learn. A common mistake people who’ve just started learning to program make is to get trapped in “tutorial-hell” — taking tutorial after tutorial without making significant progress. Udemy, an online course provider, offers classes for beginners covering SQL, app development and software engineering – just to name a few. I simply hate wasting time learning something that won’t help me in my immediate task. You might say I’m missing out, not learning anything in depth.

    Information Technology Courses

    All you need to do to access the course materials is sign up. This course teaches participants how to build deep-learning applications with TensorFlow, one of the most popular open-source Python software libraries. It’s geared toward beginners and you don’t need prior experience to enroll, and the schedule is flexible so you can learn at your own pace. Along with AI fundamentals, the course will also ensure you’re familiar with IBM’s own AI services, which help businesses integrate artificial intelligence into their existing infrastructure.

    In Figure 5, above, I’ve conducted a quick scan of my home network using the Network Scanner app. It found my cable modem, some smart LED lights (wiz_8baa74.lan) and an HP printer that has wireless printing enabled https://deveducation.com/en/events/about-the-recent-mvp-hackathon/ (HP009C02CFE0B3). Computers store data, and you need to understand what types of storage is available and when to use each type. The Linux system is experiencing a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

    Use your new skills daily.

    Video editing programs can involve selecting the most useful clips, changing their color scheme or enhancing their image quality. This skill may also involve changing files into different formats or backing them up into a storage system. Expand your compass and intuition by looking through what others have done. Read through other sources to figure out what’s possibly changed and what other techniques are available.

    You can use you’re your own modem, the one from your internet service provider (ISP) or even the mobile hotspot or network tethering feature on your phone. You can also study search engine algorithms to increase the number of times an external website links a company’s information. It’s often an important skill, as it allows companies to expand their industry influence and customer base. This can only be found in the 4th step of building a project. When you’re building it will be painfully obvious what you should be memorizing simply because you’ll find yourself looking it up so often.

    In this article, I would like to share a few “hacks” that allowed me to get up to speed after pivoting my career twice. Every time I threw myself into new water, I had to learn to swim. Now that I look back at the last 10+ years of my professional career, I would like to share my thoughts on what learning tricks worked. In this article, I’m sharing my 4-step strategy for learning new technologies. Hopefully, you can apply it to your own learning methodology. Most of the tech companies expect you to be a good learner than telling them how proficient you are in one coding language.

    • This can help you demonstrate that you’re qualified for the role and capable of executing the technical tasks a company may require.
    • Knowledge of these devices can also help you monitor the video conference and troubleshoot any technical issues that may emerge.
    • It shows the main use case in a short time span and doesn’t explain what happens under the hood.
    • Learn a new technology is not an easy ride, but its worth it.
    • User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) skills involve using specialized software to develop functional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing online content.