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    15 reasons why you should Date a Mechanic

    Sure, their arms can be oily. Presuming the auto mechanic requesting out rinses his fingers frequently, there’s really no explanation to overlook on a dinner for 2 with this tradesman.

    1. Your car is going to run effortlessly — around forever.

    2. Technicians aren’t afraid of acquiring dirty.

    3. Auto mechanics are perfect and their fingers.

    4. You will have entry to advice, device kits, and hard-to-find extra parts.

    5. Technicians tend to be optimists. They do not get rid of broken things; quite they begin to see the potential in every single part.

    6. Aspects are accountable and honest. Other people believe the go out with regards to their personal protection traveling.

    7. The date improves the everyday lives of other people, assisting all of them will where they should go.

    8. Aspects work nicely under pressure. In addition they work well with force — virtually.

    9. Mechanics are upwards for difficult, constantly searching for an opportunity to boost a design.

    10. Aspects are interesting and consistently learning. They take things aside in order to understand how things work.

    11. You will have the opportunity to generate improper laughs about performance.

    12. Mechanics tend to be chronic and insist upon obtaining work done right.

    13. Auto mechanics value high quality, double-checking their particular work.

    14. Auto mechanics spend their unique days covered in fat. They understand how exactly to clean well.

    15. Auto mechanics understand protection protocol therefore the importance of sufficient security.